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Originally Posted by RZanrico View Post
I watched the movie on Youtube. For some reason, I remember the tree sucking the body dry leaving the carcass all shrived up. Also, thought the movie was a quite a bit higher in quality. But, then again the film was in better shape nearly 50 years ago. Despite the slight differences, the plot is very close to my fundamental memory of it. Vaguely remember the rabbit getting fed to the tree.

Did they do any remake of this movie incorporating the blood sucking tree?

Maybe my mind and imagination conjured up an image much scarier than what was portrayed in the movie. My imagination running away with me. I was 3 years old at the time this movie was released, only a few years older when it was it was most likely aired on television.

Maneater of Hydra 1967 aka Bloodsuckers & Island of the Doomed?

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