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Originally Posted by bwind22 View Post
Hmm. I didn't think they covered it, but if those processors were such a big global threat, it's kinda funny that the film just left them floating around in the criminal underworld somewhere. Maybe they were in the box with the audio tapes that Costello left to Leonardo. ???

There's a number of ways you could look at it, one being they were in the box with the audio tapes as you said.

Another would be that the players left..Costigan, Sullivan and Ellerby...would at that point of a case(Costigan being completely out and Ellerby/Sullivan being high ranking officers) only be recieving any information still coming and not directly going to search Costello's establishments and whatnot. Therefor the remainder of anything to do with the case was no longer needed in the movie but rather behind the scenes so to speak. That's how I decided to put it together.
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