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Originally Posted by Dead Bad Things View Post
I 'member seein' this one at the drive in...real formative in my relation to horror...tha part where the lady gets her eyes pecked out and gets smucked by a truck ...
Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
Love Hitchcock!
Speaking Hitchcock and the Birds...

I was just listening to an NPR interview with Tippi Hedren (the Birds, Marnie), her daughter Melanie Griffiths (Something Wild), and her daughter Dakota Johnson (The Social Network), where Tippi was talking about her last day with Alfred Hitchcock...

Tippi said that she was called in to Alfred's office, and conjured her to get-it-on with him there, when she refused, she said he forced himself on her, and she pushed him off. She said he said if she didn't comply she would have a hard time getting any work (as he held her contract). She said she told him "Do what you got to do!", left and slammed the door harder than she ever had before or since.

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