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It really depends on how you feel about the characters and story. Or at least for me it does. I can name a number of films that involved kids acting like arrogant little fuckers that I wish would've met a grizzly end but didn't.

Story wise it's a powerful tool for setting a dramatic scene. A pin could drop and set people off from the tension of a child's death. Or in the case of Freddy from NOES, the difference between the rumors of Freddy just raping the children to full on killing him changes the character DRAMATICALLY. Rape would've been unforgivable enough on its own, but actually killing them makes the character soulless and the most dangerous kind of person most people can ever imagine. For who would end the life of something that embodies innocence like a child?

In short I don't entirely mind child death. As long as it enriches the story. It is a risky and bold move though.
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