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Originally Posted by harry_sax View Post
I'm trying to think of this movie I saw maybe about 15 years, It didn't seem old at the time so I assume it was made around 1990 or so. I can only remember little bits and pieces.

These two guys entered what looked to be an old European style mansion with, I think, the mission of investigating a guy/group that was reincarnating humans or monsters or something of that kind. At some point its like they discover underground catacombs with rooms with secret books on how to perform reincarnation. After they look at a few books and find other reincarnation related items they decide to look around more then they find trouble.

The last part I vividly remember is they walked into this large room with pits on the floor and their candle died in the wind, after they re-light the candle a big monster (I guess a messed up reincarnation experiment) was in dudes face. I believe I probably ran out of the room at this point.

I have been dying to know what this movie was ever since! PLEASE HELP!:D

I have seen this movie multiple times. It is called, The Resurrected. It's based off of an H. P. Lovecraft story. It's got Chris Sarandon in it.

Here's the IMDB page for it:
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