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Yes, I really didn't like The Amazing Spiderman reboot. I was so unimpressed with the first, which seemed a bit like a Twilight (TV) version of Spiderman, that I didn't even bother seeing the second one. Oh wait, scratch that, I did see the second one... with Electro played by Jamie Fox. I had to see that, I think I even went the theatre. There were some horrible editing discontinuities, as I recall, like the police arresting Electro, but him being taken immediately to a private corp lab instead... not explained at all. Horrible.
Parts if it "looked cool" but all in all?
Very little substance. Especially the second one. Peter was way too "cool". It was boring. Emma Stone was "meh" and seemed bored. I *did* like Sally Field as Aunt May though. Most of it, seemed to be just an attempt to thread multiple things together into sequel potential...which it never got...but I feel as though if they hadn't tried so hard for that angle they'd have had a better couple of movies.
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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