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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
Also most if not all superheroes have the tragedy of loss that cements that superhero belief. I do believe that most normal people if they had powers would go the villain route. Someone once said that evil is easier. I haven't seen the Invisible Man in a while. But I kind of remember Hollowman how he almost immediately seemed to go crazy with his new ability. Peeping and raping Rhona Mitra's character. Something few normal people with powers would be able to resist. There are peeping Toms and rapists out there without powers.

I remember reading about Chronicle probably on AintitCool. As they love superhero stuff they were hyping the movie as a teenage superhero type movie. On par with some of the best superhero movies I think. Some liked it so much that the lead in Chronicle went on to be the Green Goblin in the second Spider-Man reboot. He was a terrible Green Goblin and that second movie minus some of the action sequences is a horrible superhero movie. I saved a good and funny review that tears apart the movie.
Ya, Hancock (will smith film) looks a little bit into why the super powered person would bother being a superhero. It was an interesting take, though it had more to do with all his issues.

Yes, I really didn't like The Amazing Spiderman reboot. I was so unimpressed with the first, which seemed a bit like a Twilight (TV) version of Spiderman, that I didn't even bother seeing the second one. Oh wait, scratch that, I did see the second one... with Electro played by Jamie Fox. I had to see that, I think I even went the theatre. There were some horrible editing discontinuities, as I recall, like the police arresting Electro, but him being taken immediately to a private corp lab instead... not explained at all. Horrible.

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