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Vinyl Movie Posters

So today I'm helping my producer Wayne build sets for some police training(long story) and we're stapling a 6ft tall The Crazies vinyl banner to a depressed teenagers wall(the set we're building) that my producer got from a theater he works for, and after I get done telling him how jealous I am of the banner, he offers me dibs on a collection of vinyl and paper collectable posters after the police training shoot is over. I just can't have any of his Schwarzenegger collection.

Just wanted to express my good fortune to somebody who won't look back at me like I'm stupid.
"The physical body is acknowledged as dust, the personal drama as delusion. It is as if the world we perceive through our senses, that whole gorgeous and terrible pageant, were the breath-thin surface of a bubble, and everything else, inside and outside, is pure radiance. Both suffering and joy come then like a brief reflection, and death like a pin" Stephen Mitchell
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