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Originally posted by Egekrusher
Pfft. I wish. IMO, that's the best weapon ever made.
Im pretty fond of the G.E. Miniguns but it is a damn nice piece, cant touch one for less that 1800 bucks nowadays and have to have a class 3 machine gun license *theres another 2000 bucks a year for the stamp* kinda kills the buzz when you add it up.


GEEZUS good deal! My stepdad would spend so much money on this shit and then sell em for so cheap it made me mad!
And i collect baby clothes.......not really i collect Misfits shit, random stuff to put on my walls, cds, and movies
I know people like that around my area, sometimes I feel bad for them, but if I can get something that normally costs me 800 bucks for one 200, wellllllllll then I just cant help myself and not help them in their time of need *grinz*
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