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The Others has a Book of the Dead, which is basically an old photograph album with pictures of dead people. It's not really "evil" because the movie explains that people used to do it a long time ago believing that the souls of their loved ones would go on living through the pictures after death, but since it's a ghost movie set in an old house it's pretty eerie.

Edit: Also this is not really a horror movie, but the movie Hocus Pocus has an evil spellbook owned by three witches. The spellbook is supposed to be bound in human skin and was given to the witches by the Devil and contains all sorts of powerful spells. It also has this cool eyeball on the lock that opens and closes. However this is a Disney movie and I understand that it might not be everyone's cup of tea on here, but I thought it was a pretty funny movie and it's the only movie by Disney that I like.

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