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Angry So Beautiful Creatures....

Was the most miserable piece of crap that I ever had the shame of paying for (and the theater wouldn't issue a refund for wasting my time.)

I have been reading the book for the past few weeks and it is a genuinely interesting premise. The adaptation however muddled the film so much with drastic character changes and plot point screw ups.
Im not sure what possesed these filmmakers to alter this film so much that it is no longer a teenagers tale into witchcraft, but simply a quick nonsensical supernatural version of Teen People.

The problem wasnt just that it wasnt as intuned with the book because I know thats asking a lot, but the terrible acting and (lack of) attention to detail was simply horrendous.
For example, at one point in the film there is an engraved locket that is pretty important in the film, a few shots later the engraving on the locket was clearly another size and font.... like we werent supposed to notice that this important item is clearly different than it was 20 minutes ago.

I only think of posting this discussion here because of the witch theme associated with it.

Dont see it... just dont
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