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The Road (2011)

Disappointing. Slow. Not really good.


Lawless (2012)

Extremely well done, well-written, and well-acted character piece. Loved the costumes and scenery and found the characters truly compelling. I wasn't feeling great during the watch, so I found it boring at times, but the fiance liked it a lot. Recommend it? Sure.


Killer Joe (2011)

Meh. I've seen enough Bad-People-Who-Do-Bad-Things films and this didn't really strike a chord with me as particularly different or enjoyable. I know that Fortunato loved it, but just not my thing. I'm sure folks here will like it but - meh.


The Butterfly Effect (2004)

My first time watching this and I was actually really impressed. I mean, ASHTON KUTCHER - Didn't really expect this to be good at all... But, honestly, I thought that it was a very clever and well-done modern sci-fi tale. It's little trick gets silly after a while, but honestly I liked the way that it played out. Ultimately melancholic and a good watch. Really liked it. I think I saw Part III when it premiered with the After Dark films and though that wasn't so bad either. Hmmm... Wonder about Part II...


The Bay (2012)

Yick. I mean, seriously, ICK. This movie made me want to bathe myself in rubbing alcohol, never drink tap water again and never, EVER go swimming. Suffice to say, it was an incredibly successful outbreak film; horrifying, sad, disgusting, and well-done. My only complaint is that the narrator was weak and often didn't emote properly given the subject matter. Other than that, I was genuinely surprised. As long as you're not sick of Found Footage yet, give it a try.

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