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Never heard off Back from Hell. I might give it a go!

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

This third movie in the series which ends up being a really fun comedy at times.

If you looking for Horror movie this is not one at all, As this sequel to second bring back Mary lou again.

This movie was no were near as good as Part 2, I not sure if liked this better then first at the moment.

I did find some of this movie more fun to watch then the first prom night movie.

Some of the deaths were very, what that word I am looking for, Fizzy , yeah go with that.

I didn't really like Hell scene in the movie, seem out of the place and the acting in this movie was not bad,

I give 4/5 out of 10

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

So second time in series, this movies to new story, this as got nothing to with any of the ones before.

However the opening scene is might to be the same night Mary Lou died by the fire in part 2, However as that happen out side a crazy priest killed two of teens who were having sex,

Few years later Prince is back and start the killing spear off again and kills anyone is having any Sex.

This movie got to bit more serious then the last two movies in the series

I thought the story was little weak for this series, I didn't fact the series went from comedy to serious again,

I Thought the movie was very slow and I didn't think the movie that creepy or scary and the movie wasn't that fun to watch.

the acting was really good from the whole cast

Not sure what to rate at the moment!

Prom Night (2008/I)

I have seen first prom night movie, I thought it was really dull and boring wit some decent acting from older actors playing teens.

This is not real remake too the Prom Night (1980), it' nothing like first movie at all.

This movie start off with fake scene or dream she telling some one that family were being killed.

I did like that scene in that movie, I thought it was very decent scene but it's shame it fake scene in way. that the best of the movie.

I found the rest of the movie really dull at times, I didn't really like Killer or the way he killed people off, the kills were all the same, the ones that were not of screen.

The acting wasn't too bad but the story was very bland from the start to the end.

How the movie was very predicable too, I don't think was the worst slasher movie I seen, I seem a lot worse then this.

However I don't think this was better or worse then first prom night movie.
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