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THE MANSTER (1962, athough different dates have been shown). Back when I discovered the absolute joy of spending hours visiting Fan sites on the Internet, one of my favorites was the very much missed EC-ECENTRIC CINEMA which had a sense of fun with decent reviews, good photos/sound clips and very fair rating system. What made Me fall in love was their statement "Sometimes We ENJOY Bad Movies" and THE MANSTER belongs in that category. For this one, EC had a trio of pictures at the top which said "Half Man...Half Monster...ALL JERK!"
While the circumstances of becoming the title creature are not his fault , Larry becomes a nasty drunken whoremaster and You really don't care what happens to him, although the end result is quite humorous. More frightening is that Larry looks like a cross between William H Macy and Lon Chaney JR!
While this review looks critical, this is a fun little flick that should be checked out for the sheer lunacy of it. Even more bizarre is the fact that the married couple here (Larry/Linda) met on the set and actually had a long happy marriage togeather! ****
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