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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
Hi Sculpt
PCZ was an intersting time. My Dad was stationed in Norfolk VA befpre PCZ and we left there in a nasty Blizzard with Charleston SC our destination, but we got rerouted to Jacksonville FL as Charleston was snowed in. Took a train the next day and by the time we got to Charleston, we were straded and the National Guard had to collect us and remember getting to the airport and getting a NIGHTMARE magazine and picking up VAMPIRELLA #23 and a wrestling magazine the next day as we waited hours for the plane to come. When we finally landed, could not believe how warm it was after all the cold and how it stayed that way year round other than a dry period of a few months. The CZ was very Americanized with all the things You would expect from small town America. Lots of swimming pools, Bowling alleys,and all the Monster/wrestling/ Comic magazines I wanted! My Mom had a bit of a wanderlust, so lots of day trips to Pacific/Atlantic sides of the country, the Canal itself and old Panama City which we lived next to. Joined the Boy Scouts and several hikes involving a trip to an island and through a jungle path Henry Morgan carved to get to Panama City.
Even as a little kid, could feel the resentment from the locals about US presence and was appalled when Carter signed it over and figured at least, US should get some payment for building the thing, but politics don't really mesh on entertaiment boards. Crazy thing was, after my Dad's tour was over, we got shipped to an Army base above Chicago IL right next to Lake Michigan, so back to snow!~

BLMABG has Bela's name for Marquee value-he is called Dr Zabor in the film. He helps, but movie still geys a ** from me.
From a US interest perspective, it's too bad the canal zone wasn't at the border of two countries; where the US would have had an easier time purchasing the land. As it is, it's right down the middle of the Panama nation, so to purchase it would literally slice the nation into two, something the people of Panama would not like at all.

I'm glad they didn't, but this is where you would have expected the CIA try to foment a North Vs South Panama, with one of them breaking off to form their own country, making it easier for the US to force a purchase.

I think the US should have tried to purchase the land with a name-your-price amount. I can't remember now, but I assume Panama refused. Next, the US should have tried to give all the Net income from the canal to Panama in return for owner-operations. Lastly, if the US had to, give all income from the canal to Panama in return for owner-operations -- it would be worth it to the US. I don't know if those were offered Panama, but it's done now.

Gorilla -- It would be funny if Bela became Dracula and fought the gorilla. That's what people want.

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