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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
I loved the beginning of Burton's Sleepy Hollow... When Depp comes in in the early investigation, I was like, this is looking really good. I think it went off the rails... especially scratching my head when he bit her... but such as life.

I was digging Sweeney Todd one late evening, but I fell asleep because it was late. I'll have to finish it.
Both are great movies and two of my all time favorites!

Some of Tim Burton's movies I'm not really crazy about (like Dark Shadows and the Batman movies) but I really love those other two movies and The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. He creates such an interesting gothic and macabre world and I think his movies show he has such a unique view on things.

Also you should definetly finish Sweeney Todd some day! The ending was so tragic it kind of reminded me of a Shakespeare play.

Edit: Oh and I think the reason the horseman bit that lady was because he was a sadistic mercenary before his death and she was the one who caused his decapitation at the hands of American soldiers and was controlling his evil spirit through witchcraft. It was probably a revenge thing.
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