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Originally Posted by Jigsaw Killer View Post
Another Horror sequel I personally prefer to the original and very controversially so is The Fly II. While the Cronenberg remake is excellent I always enjoyed the sequel just a little more. Objectively the Cronenberg film is probably better from a filmmaking and story perspective, but I find the sequel a little more entertaining overall. Always been a big fan of the MartinFly creature as well which I always felt was an underrated monster and still a terrific creature design.
Not to be a contrarian... I saw The Fly 2 twice, shortly after it came out, and then some 10 years ago. I really didn't like it either time. There's just something wrong about it... I want to say it's incoherent... but it's not that I don't understand it, just that something is off as a film. Peaking at over 21,000 audience 23%, 15 critics 27%. Pretty universally disliked. *shrug*

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