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Yeah, scary scenes are pretty much non-existent. But there were a few since Elm St. I thought the Conjuring captured a scary moment for me. That one scene was when the girl was in bed and it pulled her leg (I think this was the second time), both sisters woke up, and then they were trying to see if something was there in the corner of the room, then the parents eventually come in. The director, cinematographer and sound designer really captured the lighting, angles, cutting and music there for some real queasy scariness.

Dead Silence - another film by James Wan, had a couple of scary parts for me. The first was the ventriloquist and dummy performance on stage. I thought the whole segment was creepy with an effective build.

The other scene was actually scary for me... that was the one scene in the house, hmm... I think it was the basement, but it looked like a hospital morgue, with the jump scare of the woman. Sorry, I can't explain the scene better. I only saw it once.

Vacancy - I liked the film overall, I think Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale perform really well as a husband and wife that are anguishing into a divorce; one that she wants, and he doesn't -- sets up the film well for me. Anyway the scenes that got under my skin was the initial 'somebody banging on the their motel door' scenes. Disturbing, unexpected and just like WTF.

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