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What the shit?!?

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Last horror movie to scare you?

I'm just wondering...

We're all horror veterans here.
Though sometimes you come across a movie that still makes you either scared, uneasy, or even...makes you feel irked out for just having watched it.
So lets say
*Uncomfortable/uneasy/on edge.

I'm more about suspense and atmosphere than more visual horror these days.
Sadly, seems like these kind of film experiences are few and far between.

So I'm going to go with two selections here.

"The Conjuring".
Even though this franchise has been spun to death, with more to come...the first one for me had this one great scene. Nope. Not the clapping/basement scene though that was borderline.
I'm talking about the scene that takes place in the investigator couples house, where they have all their haunted artifacts.
Their...was it daughter?
When you first see that Annabelle has "escaped", not so much seeing the doll or anything...but the use of lighting, shadows and musical score was great...and when that large shadow just crept down the stairs - I actually felt dread.
If a movie can pull this off?

Another one is the somewhat controversial "A serbian film", which isn't strictly horror but certainly evoked the right range of emotions.
Yes it's gross. Yes it's disgusting. No I don't enjoy watching it.
In fact, I never want to watch it again.
...but I can't name many films that feel like they've shit all over my brain like this one did. All just human on human vileness. It was so just...fucked...
Because of these factors, I'll continue to recommend it as a one time watch to the uninitiated - because as I've said before, a comedy is good when you can laugh, then think back to it and smile
...this movie? Gives you a very real case of horrors version of this, I sat in somewhat stunned silence, and every time I think back to it, even now? I can just feel the grimace coming smelling something bad.

You guys?
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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