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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
Did you play Singularity? Bullet storm? Enslaved?
Haven't heard/read on any of them. I'm going to check them out. Which one of these three is less survival horror and more anything else (shooter, graphic adventure, whatever)?

I played many survival horror games, but I'm very bad at them. As a side note, I don't like the SH genre too much because I see SHs as too hard and stuck in the past.

Two recent games I played in the horror genre are The Cat Lady, which I loved it and have yet to restart and finish. Because I lost my saves before finishing it, and the same goes for Outlast.

At the moment I'm playing Amensia: The Dark Descent. I like it by now (I'm by the part when the character descends to the cellar after getting rid of the slime blocking the cellar's door) because of its lack of violence.

Outlast was great in the sense that it didn't have weapons or inventory management. It was all tactical evasion and the only thing you had to manage was the camera's batteries.

Which of those three you recommended do you think I'd like the most now that I know a little bit more of my tastes?
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