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Hi, returning to this forum after eight years

I registered up for this forum roughly eight years ago. Eight years ago I was kind of very anti-social on the Internet and didn't like to spend time in two dimensional activities, I just wanted to blow stuff (generally demons and monsters) on 3D first person shooters all day.

Now I think I've pretty much outgrown video games, I changed from ~4 hours daily, everyday for 12 years, to playing only about one hour per day, and that when the stars are right only; this last statement is not a figure of speech. And also on weekends, when I generally indulge in 4-6 hours binges.

I think I've matured, and I regret that I'm (up to now) still not belonging to any community, but since horror is my main obsession, I came to appreciate horror communities, much more than the loneliness in life-lacking that I think are online games; online games being the thing that ate up all my time during the last seven years.

I want all of you to know that my favorite flavor/genre in almost everything is horror, and it is so since I was practically a toddler.

It's nice to come here, eight years later, and see the posts of my old account still here. The only difference is that when I wrote it, it was the message #278 of the thread, and now the last messages #1975!
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