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Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
Yeah I mean even the 1990's had something special! Some great TV shows and movies came out of that decade and that was THE decade to be a kid. The cartoons we had on channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were fantastic unlike the crap that kids get today.

Video games were very fun and people didn't care about the graphics back then because they all looked terrible, and when people wanted to play video games with their buddies they hung out at each other's houses and played 2 player mode instead of playing games online.

We also had the pleasure of eating whatever we wanted and drinking soda plus going to McDonald's and Burger King without the parents and schools getting so uptight about the dangers of kids eating good-tasting junk food.

This was also a time when Japanese animation didn't seem as weird as it does now but because they actually edited it for kids which was OK because we didn't know about it. We also had pokemon cards and yugioh cards and all that fun stuff.

I really miss the 90's hahaha!
Well, I was a kid in the 70s. No video games, but, lots of horror movies. On TV. VHS hadn't even been invented yet. LOL Yeah, I'm old.
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