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Originally Posted by idoneus1957 View Post
Stupid me. I meant to write that the kids walk out when they see that the movie is in black and white.

I am encouraged by the replies, the way I am when I listen to a college radio station and realize that some kids really are interested in music that is not the latest pop crap.
I'm sorry, no, I got ya they were walking out because it was a black and white film; I was just going on my own tangent.

But yeah, lots of the films we watched were b/w. I always found them charming, I don't remember ever having a negative thought about them simply for being b/w. Of course from an early age I liked watching the old horror films on TV. More than that, I often watched films on our b/w TV, so there were films I assumed were b/w that were actually in color, like some Godzilla and some early Hammer films.

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