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Originally Posted by idoneus1957 View Post
This is a post about vintage and classic horror movies in general, not some particular movie.

I'm happy to some people still want to see old black-and-white horror movies. Somebody has observed that while we are living in a time when there is more opportunity than ever to watch old movies in good restorations, interest in old movies among the young is pretty low.

My friend Eloise says that when one of her children comes into the living room and finds her watching a movie, they just walk right out again.

Well, "Kids today have no appreciation for the finer things in life. Too bad for them." --Mr. Natural. Indeed, too bad for them. What a shame.
Well, if her children walk in to her watching a movie, and then walk out to family room and watch a different movie, that is sad (as opposed to the kids walking outside to play some ball, which is good exercise!) There's very few films I wouldn't watch with my mom, as I watched an awful lot with her. We know how to talk about the film even during the film, which is an acquired skill.

Ever watch a film with someone who talks during the film as if they have no sense whatsoever as to when one can comment or ask a question? Where they will just talk over the film at most inappropriate times? And of course with some friends we can laugh our butts off with really well timed comments during a film. It's an artform.

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