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I posted about this film a lil while this is recycled material, but here ya go all the same:

"Uzumaki. The word seems to mean spiral or vortex. I think it may have been based on a Japanese comic...but anyway...I've only watched half so far, I turned it off 'cos it's a bit much to kinda "take in" all in one go...this films fucking mental - So far, people get obsessed by "the vortex"...go pretty crazy, and then do some pretty fucked up stuff...some of which is even hard to describe. The film-makers also do a few headfucks wth random imagery flashing inexplicably, and best of all, they add spirals into the scenery sometimes...they just kind warp it ever so much...just so you kinda see it, and wonder "hey, did I just see...?"
Anyway. I know none of this makes sense, and, well, neither does the film...but if you're into very weird fucked up craziness, you gotta see this."
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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