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Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
You know, isn't it interesting how in Nosferatu there weren't any vampire hunters?


The only way Count Orlock was eventually stopped was when Ellen lured him into her bedroom to feed on her long enough for the sun to rise up and destroy him.

This was completely different from Dracula where you had Van Helsing team up with Johnathan Harker and three other men to hunt him down and destroy him.

Nosferatu was pretty much a ripoff of Dracula yet at the same time it feels like a completely different vampire film.
It's a very different film. The character Nosferatu (1922) is decrepit, bizarre and awkward, and demonstrates amazing supernatural powers. Whereas the Dracula (1931) character is handsome, regal and demonstrates hypnotic social powers.

The Nosferatu film makers could have made just a few more key changes from the book to escape copyright infringement without changing what makes Nosferatu an excellent film. I would have loved to see Murnau make some changes and remake it as a talkie in the 30's.

The look and feel of Nosferatu's cinematography and direction is quite surreal, innovative and a course in evocative imagery and direction in itself. Whereas Dracula is rather stagey, derived from a stageplay, and it works well.

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