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Question Horror TV Channel Bumpers? Help?

Got a link to these super-spooky psychological/"fridge-horror"-style TV bumpers from this Latin-American horror TV station (might have been Brazil?) through TV Tropes but haven't been able to track them down in my YouTube history again, they might have even been taken down? One is called "Garden" that implies someone is looking up from being buried alive, there is "Ladder," set at an amusement park that implies someone might have fallen and the support rope is rocking like it was cut IDK? There is "Swim," there is either "Elevator" or "Building" where the camera focuses on a briefcase in an empty elevator in a gold mirrored building. I like how these leave you wondering what scenario led to what you're watching. Anyway, I THOUGHT they were for "Chiller" but nope...Help? The reason these are SO f'n creepy is because they focus JUST on one object: the briefcase, the ladder, the shovel/garden plot, the rippling pool, no people, no screaming, no blood, no gore--just the fridge horror of "wtf just happened?" o.0
Thanks in advance!
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