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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post

And Blake gets to the Batcave from what Bruce left in his will. It had the coordinates and gear if I recall correctly.

Oh, I missed that somehow (I'm an old lady and I think it was late when the movie finally ended ;)) - Thanks. It seemed kinda random to me and that makes a WHOLE lot more sense now.

In terms of Gordon, I get the "comic book thing" to an extent, but I feel as though the Batman movies take themselves so seriously that I have a hard time saying, "Oh, it's a comic book thing, that's why." Know what I mean?

Another thing that irked me was this concept that Batman wanted to be an everyman. He offhand says "Anyone can be Batman." Which is a cool concept in theory, but NO, NOT ANYONE CAN BE BATMAN. A lot of what the movie has to do with is the divide between the rich and the poor and that, among other things, is why not everyone can be Batman. Part of what makes Batman Batman is his "wonderful toys," his insane technology from tools to suit. Not just anyone could afford to become the Batman. Sort of like Ironman, he kinda bought who he was (if you want to think about it in an incredibly jaded sort of way).

That's what I liked about Blake. I thought that he was a true everyman hero - No guns, no toys, just a good guy... But I guess if he inherits the Bat Fortune... (I think you see where I'm going with this)...

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