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Originally Posted by ChronoGrl View Post
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Blake's knowledge of Batman. Someone else brought this up too - Why does Blake know so much about Batman? How is it that he figured out the Batman/Bruce Wayne connection and Gordon never did? I actually didn't take objection to the end of the movie, but what brought Blake there? I just found it sort of odd.
Originally Posted by _____V_____ View Post
They could have ended with Blake chancing upon the Batcave and left it there (how the hell does Blake know such a lot about The Batman anyway? Even Gordon doesn't know stuff which Blake does!)


I guess I'll jump into the superhero thing again. Blake knows about Batman because they are the same. There is that whole scene when Blake goes to the mansion and tells Bruce that they are both orphans. How he recognized Bruce's act when he visited once. Blake is also a detective even though he starts off as a cop. This is Nolan's version of the Robin origin story without having the normal/seen before origin. We even have the scene with them together in the car. And the scene with Blake being against guns, if him being Robin wasn't already obvious. And Blake gets to the Batcave from what Bruce left in his will. It had the coordinates and gear if I recall correctly. Of course, being Batman is a whole other thing. If we assume Blake is early 20s, then he has a lot of time to train. But that is one of the problems I have with the movie as I mentioned in my last post.

Why Gordon doesn't put together Batman as Bruce Wayne even though they both disappear at the same time is just one of those comic things. No one puts together Superman as Clark Kent either even though they look the same.

Back to horror.

Sometimes They Come Back…for More.

Terrible. Usually, I'll struggle through a bad movie while eating. But this was so bad I just tuned out. Trimming my pet's nails were more interesting than this movie. Especially once something happened to one of the main characters. A very low rent The Thing without the tension, music, acting, and you are close to what this movie is. Add in a stupid twist and you have a really bad movie. Maybe I needed to see the earlier movies to get into it.
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