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Originally Posted by Straker View Post
Genius? I gotta be honest, shit like this makes me laugh when people circle jerk retards like Manson and elevate them to some sort of mythical status. How smart do you have to be exactly to manipulate a retard?

Do you honestly think if Manson turned up at your house and tried to 'manipulate' you into killing a few people you'd bite? I know I would call the police and say "hey, I got a spastic in my living room telling me to kill people can you send a car over" I guess that makes me a genius too...

How many prison guards has his managed to manipulate into multiple killings or hell maybe even an escape plan?

The only 'genius' thing about guys like Manson is they target the weak and vulnerable.... We see that in pretty much every animal on the planet, what makes Manson so special?
his manipulation was a lot deeper then "hey kill those people" it took a while to manipulate these people and a lot of drugs. you have to plant the seed and watch it grow. gain the people's trust. he didn't just manipulate these people into killing he pretty much changed their entire way of thinking. I don't know it's just my personal opinion that if someone I met could slowly work themselves into my head and manipulate and change the way I thought and have me do things like kill people they would have to be smart because I'm not an idiot. I'm sure all the people he manipulated would have blew him off if he flat out was like kill for me. I'm sure they didn't plan on killing anyone either just like me or you wouldnt.
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