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The Official HDC Gaming Top 100

Hello gamers of HDC and beyond,

This has been a long (read: overdue) project of our forums for which we had sat down together many times to zero in on Top 100 horror games, as chosen by members of HDC.

Big thanks go to everyone involved in this -

Vodstok (who started the project WAY back in January 2007),

Cheebacheeba/Phalanx (HDC's most ardent gaming fan),

Despare (BIG gamer, and a big contributor to the final 100),

The Flayed One (for the inspiration and the contribution),

Newb, VampiricClown, and many others who contributed to the Master List.

So here we go...after a really long deliberation by 5 Judges, and a long-gestating period of over 4 years.
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