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Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow (1999) compared to Sweeney Todd (2007)

Anybody else ever notice how the characters in both movies are very similar to each other?

The Headless Horseman/Sweeney Todd: Both were murderers going around killing people and being manipulated by an evil woman.

Lady Mary Van Tassel/Mrs. Lovett: Both were older, beautiful, scheming women who lied and murdered to get what they wanted and were also manipulating the evil villain of those two movies.

Ichabod Crane/Anthony: Both were young, handsome, and sensitive men who fell in love with a beautiful blonde girl and came to her rescue.

Katrina Van Tassel/Joanna: Both were beautiful young women with blonde hair who had a mysterious connection to all the evil doings in the two movies (despite that they were both innocent) and they both fell in love with the handsome young man who arrived in town out of nowhere.

Young Masbath/Toby: Both were orphaned teenagers who became servants to the main characters of each movie and looked up to them as parental figures.

The Town Elders/Judge Turpin: A bunch of old guys with a lot of political power who are corrupt and abuse their authority, eventually getting killed by the main villain in the end.

Ichabod Crane's mother/Lucy: Beautiful women from the main character's past who became tragic victims.

I guess maybe it's a recurring theme that Tim Burton liked using?
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