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Hi Everybody -

Long-time no post from everyone's favorite monkey (for those newbies not familiar with me, I am basically a god around these parts - you'll note my multiple HDC Trophies and adoring fans).

Anyway - as a lark I popped back in to see this place still existed (well-done you lot). I am also re-enchanted with horror films after seeing the incredible Iranian film - UNDER THE SHADOW. Don't let the subtitles fool you - this is smart, engaging and scary. I'm an old horror hand but the last 30 minutes had me gripping the couch tightly. (and, to be clear, I have NOTHING to do with this film - never even been to Iran). I just think that great horror films deserve an audience (instead of the remake schlock they hurl at us on a regular basis).

So - get your asses over to Netflix and watch this film!! Monkey's orders!! (or else I start the pooh-flinging)
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