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This movie is from anytime between 1960 - 1995, give or take. It was in danish television in the late 1990ies (as I remember, but it could be +- a few years). I am (almost) sure it was english or american.

I only saw the opening scene. It was at some attic/store room with a lot of items placed on shelves, and no people around. Among the items where a small cage kinda circus-like (a box with a barred door, size about 4x2x2 feet). The cage broke somehow (maybe it fell from a shell, or maybe the creature inside of it just crashed it).

This creature was rather unscary looking, with a grey naked skinny body and a bold head. But extremely powerfull and angry. Also, the creature was semi-realistik, like it was animated (It probably was, but it was not made so due to low budget, it was intentionally). Of course, after the creature escaped the cage, it escaped the attic.

I am pretty sure, that it was a real horror movie, and not just a parody.
I really would like to see the rest of the movie. :)
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