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One of my most cherished series. Can watch all 4 movies umpteen times and never get bored.


1) Raiders
2) Last Crusade
3) Temple of Doom
4) Crystal Skull

TBH, I have forgotten most bits of Crystal Skull, except that fantastic CGI-filled ending. As for chase sequences, three immediately come to mind:

1) Indy on a horse taking on ze Germans and their tanks to rescue Dad Connery in Last Crusade,

2) Young Indy being chased over a moving train (with bogies filled with circus shows, one had a snakes pit) in Last Crusade.

3) Indy and Dad Connery chased by Germans in motorcycles, again in Last Crusade.

Not so much as a chase sequence, but the one in Raiders where they are running around the streets of Cairo with Karen Allen loaded into a tall basket, culminating with the vegetable market scene.

Another good one is at the beginning of Raiders - Indy, booby traps, huge chasing boulder, natives and Belloq.
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