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Originally Posted by Jigsaw Killer View Post
Any fans of this series here? It's one of my all-time favorite series and I love all the films very much in their own way, even the much-maligned fourth chapter. Disney recently bought the rights to more films, I'm excited. My ranking for the series is probably quite untraditional and controversial, but it goes:

Temple Of Doom
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
The Last Crusade

I think in a lot of ways Raiders is truly the best one, though I find Temple Of Doom to be the most entertaining. I actually go back and forth on Last Crusade and Crystal Skull. I like The Last Crusade but it tends to be my least favorite due to being so deriative of the original, though it's still a tremendous film.
Raiders is one of my all-time favorite films. I think all the sequels paled in comparison, though I enjoyed them all.

Temple delivered on the exotic, but that wore off. Thought it was formulaic and a bit too much of a caricature of Raiders. I found the ending of Temple disappointing.

I liked Crusade a bit better than the other 2 sequels. I thought it was a bit more thoughtful and original. The scene of Indy backing into Hitler is all-time film classic.

Monkey Skull was a tad bit forgettable to me. The atom bomb scene was memorable, the rest not so much.

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