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Added shortcut icons to both external BBCode commands in the reply box above.

Look at the extreme right of the second row of icons at the top:

Thumb resize.

1) The RED rectangular box with the "play" icon inside it, is for embedding youtube videos. Just click on it, and select the video's youtube address and paste it between the YOUTUBE boxes in your post.
For example, in case of the link, the video's youtube address to be selected for embedding is "sftuxbvGwiU", the unique youtube video identity after the "watch?v=" part.

2) The CLOUD icon inside the rectangular box, just beside the red youtube icon and also the last icon of the second row, is for embedding large images into your post, which will insert a pair of TIMG boxes into your post, just like the IMG commands.
(TIMG = Thumbnail Image)
Your picture will then show as a clickable thumbnail, while not disturbing the default size of the thread.

Enjoy, folks!
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