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A very important feature added.

Let's say, for example, you want to add this image to your post in any thread ( As you can see (by clicking on the link), the image is too big (1680 x 1050) and will go beyond the normal/original boundaries of the thread.

This problem keeps happening in many threads and is often a cause of annoyance + delay in loading the pages. Like this picture of Mandela posted by Despare in the R.I.P. thread -

I have devised a solution to this problem by successfully creating a new BBCode (like the youtube bbcode which we have been using so successfully in recent times).

All you got to do, is use the [TIMG] BBCode, instead of the [IMG] code.

As you all know, the IMG codes insert images, and now this TIMG code will insert a fully-clickable thumbnail. The image's preview will show in your post, and it will be clickable to everyone who wants to check out the picture in it's original dimensions.

For example, TIMG Image URL /TIMG (using []s)

will convert the above Alien picture into

Thumb resize.

What's more, you can click on it as well!
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