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Please help with some suggestions

Hey, so what I'm going to ask of you guys might be really hard, but I really need some help.

Okay so, I really love the thrill, anxiety, tension and emotion that "horror" or "thriller" movies make me feel but I really am not a fan of just "here's a bunch of characters, watch them get killed in various gory and horrific ways" or supernatural/satanic/demonic themes.

I love a scary movie that has a good plot with super scary scenes where gore/violence/shock factor is not the main drawing point. I just love the feeling when you're on the edge of your seat in tension or trembling because of a terrifying scene. I know gore and horror movies go hand in hand, and I don't mind a bit of gore (I just look away or try to stomach it, but my stomach is weak) but I don't like when that's the entire point of the movie, just to see people die. Honestly, I would be completely fine watching a horror movie where nobody dies at all, I don't care about that. I just want an interesting story with scary scenes.

Oh also, I'm not really about like Thriller hostage situations or bomb threats etc, I'm talking like scary with either a monster/alien, killer/stalker or crazy family and stuff. Movies that are actually "scary".

Also as mentioned above, I really dislike supernatural or cult/demonic etc themes because I've grown up as Christian and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Nothing against those movies personally, they're just not for me.

Here's a few movies I watched and enjoyed despite the gore (for the most part, anymore gore than this and its off putting to me):
- Alien movies
- Get Out
- IT (my friend said ITs an alien, not sure if its true or not)
- Creep
- Signs (Not horror AT ALL but can be a bit creepy at times)

Anyway this post is already longer than I wanted it to be, but I would really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks for much for reading and any help you guys can provide. :)

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