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I've been reading the Dark Tower for some time and with a friend who was also a fan of El Pistolero we watched this and boy were we naïve to hope that anything good could out of this.

The Roland character is a betrayal, a disgusting poser, and well… did I see him stop bullets with his ******** gun ? But the guy is no superhero, his story is dark and tragic and it ends badly. Yet they made “yet another action packed teenager movie with lots of fights and a cool invincible hero”. It reminds me of the adaptations of Max Payne and Silent Hill (the second one of course, that was an insult.)

I like directors who take some risks and try to be creative but here it’s far from being this. Please remember that the boy DIES in the novel. Twice. Roland is broken. He loses all his friends. Twice. And yet they made a Hollywood action movie that you could (almost) watch with your whole family.

Good for you if you liked this, but it should not be called after the novel.
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