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Black Christmas and Ted Bundy

Black Christmas was made in 74.

Ted Bundy escaped from prison in 77 and headed to Florida.

In Black Christmas a number of coeds are killed by an intruder in their frat house. It is also suggested a young girl is missing.

In Florida Bundy broke into a frat house and killed/attacked several women. He then went onto kill a young girl and hid her body. He did all this under the name Chris Hagen.

Chris HAYDEN. is a character in Black Christmas. He is a sporty hero type, like how Bundy saw himself.

Bundy blamed horror comics for why he turned to crime. He also suggested to police that they stake out serial killer movies marathons to spot serial killers as they love these films and see them as research.

I put it to you that Bundy saw Black Christmas(one of the first films about a serial killer) and copied the crimes.
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