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Rehearsal for Murder (1982)

A beautifully crafted whodunit that takes place in an empty theater as playwright Alex Dennison (played by Robert Preston) stages an elaborate plan to reveal the truth behind his fiancée Monica Wells' (Lynn Redgrave) supposed suicide. He invites the cast & crew of his year old earlier play (in which his fiancée was also involved as the main actress) to a cold reading of a new script. However, none of them initially didn't know that their get together is a part of a plan to find out the possible criminal that Alex believed killed his lover.
As it filmed almost like a stage play, therefore this kind of film heavily relies on the crafts of script & an ensemble performance from a bunch of skilled, great actors and in this case both of which were excellent. Highly dialog driven but definitely a great treat for the fans of suspenseful, twisted murder mystery.

>>: B+

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