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Fire In The Sky.

Originally Posted by MichaelMyers View Post
Fire in the Sky is based on a true story also and I'm told by some I respect is the most scary abduction movie they've ever seen. I'll be sure to watch MacPherson Tape on Thanksgiving. lol
I've heard about the Travis Walton alleged alien abduction case a few times both on the internet and via tv documentaries. Really creepy story if it's genuine.

Something in me feels he staged it. Either that or he had some sort of medical condition...

The fact that the movie is base don true events always makes it scarier in my mind.

Will watch the trailer...

Absolutely you should watch Alien Abduciton: The Mcpherson Tape on thanksgiving! LOL. Perhaps it will make the movie scarier for you! You don;t happen to live out in the sticks do you as that's where the abduction takes place.

Honestly, it;s an awesomely scary movie (for some reason i made it much more scary in my mind) i think because i was high at the time when i first saw it, quite young and wanted to be scared senseless. Plus the fact that it goes to lengths to pretend to be a geuine found footage film. it has viewer discretion warnings pop up every like 20 minutes plus interviews with sheriffs,professionals who do special effects.. Etc...

A little advice: make sure you get the right verison as i said there are two and one sucks.
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