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Originally Posted by MichaelMyers View Post
Ouch. This makes me think the movie is even worse, since I'm sure Jake was sitting there trying to will the movie to be good. So it's neither fun for diehard fans or the casual viewer. That is the kiss of death for a film adaptation.
I was working hard to enjoy it... Really hard. It was fun to see the characters come to life. They casted and acted well. It was just a bad script. Its a little jumbled. They almost tried too hard to inject elements of the King universe. My heart is broken that it wasn't what I wanted. Its even more broken because I am generally lenient and enjoy things a lot of people dont. And even more so, because it could have easily been made correctly without costing any more, and been an incredible movie. They should have stuck to the first book and saved the depth and back story for follow ups. I mean ***Book Spoiler*** Jake has to die. Its the most intense part of the first book. And it bears the most iconic line in the series, that they used in the advertisements but not once in the movie. "Go then, there are other worlds than these." people would have cried, they would have applauded, im depressed.
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