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The Dark Tower ****Spoilers**** (in the second half)

Alrighty guys, a quick review. The movie was good. Its getting bombed by the critics and in some cases, it should be. From the standpoint of the source material, it is a bad adaptation. They took far too many liberties, they changed things that didn't need to be changed to work in a cinematic universe. The acting was good, and it was fun to see some of my favorite characters on screen, but the story was disjointed. I think for fans it misses by not following close enough to the store or diving deep enough into the lore. For newbies it misses by not injecting enough of the lore into the movie to make it all make since. There is little back story. My final word is this, go see the movie, if your a fan go with fresh eyes and enjoy what will unfortunately be the only time you see Roland, Jake, and The Man in Black on the big screen. If you go without knowing the back story, be prepared for a couple of nice action sequences, and some cool fight scenes, but know that this isn't the real Dark Tower, and please read the books.

****************** The Spoiler Divide ****************

The movie plays some fan service by putting "The Tet Corporation" in the middle of the beginning credits roll while introducing the production companies. I was a little disappointed when the first line of the movie wasn't "The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed..." But it popped up slightly further in. This movie is basically the story of Jake's being drawn from Keystone Earth to Mid-World. That is exactly how they should have played it. Instead of making it the Dark Tower Movie, it should have been the first Dark Tower Movie: The Drawing of Jake. They essentially skipped the first book, almost entirely. I was hopefully when Jake found the house with the portal and the house demon attacked him. That plays into the books, granted the third book. But when he came through and began wondering the desert, it would have been just as easy for him to stumble across the way-station and have the gunslinger find him there. Instead he wonders into the gunslingers camp. Idris Elba plays Roland well. I enjoyed the acting through the entire movie. Had they made the same movie, but left in the way-station, left in the their time under the mountain and the the battle with the slow mutants, and not changed Jake's back story, it would have worked perfectly. Instead of Jake being a rich kid whos parents are never home and he is being raised by his nanny, hes a normal kid whos mom loves him and whos dad was killed in a fire as a fireman. It was a unnecessary change that took me out of the movie because I wasn't expecting it. I have other grievances, but my biggest is the fact that they skipped the gunslingers time in Tull. I have been chomping at the bit to see that play out on screen for years. He slaughters an entire town of rabid villagers as they spill through a doorway. It helps to show how cold and hard Roland is, how little he cares about anything but reaching the tower, and how the man in black will set crazy traps for him along the way.

OHHH and there is way too much Mathew McConaughey in this. Not that he doesn't do a good job, but the Man in Black is supposed to be this elusive sorcerer. Hes in like every other scene.
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