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diemath 02-07-2018 07:50 AM

Rank your favorite 10 Arthur Machen stories
Following my first attempt to request rankings of the stories of Algernon Blackwood, I figured that itís time to give Arthur Machen a go. In this thread, please rank your ten favorite Arthur Machen stories. Your favorite story should be numbered 1, while your less preferred stories should ascend down to the number 10. If you haven't read or like 10 of his stories, you don't have to fill out a complete list, but I will only include submissions for those who have ranked at least 5 stories. Here's a link to a list of his complete works.

Once I have sufficient results, I'll put the details into a spreadsheet and create a table to share with the respondents. Thanks for participating!

diemath 02-11-2018 08:58 AM

So far I have 14 responses across the various sites I've posted this request on. Be sure to chime in, especially if you've read more of Machen's stories beyond the commonly anthologized ones. I'll stop taking rankings on March 1st and publish the results shortly after. This group contributed a few excellent rankings for my Algernon Blackwood rankings, so I'm hoping to at least get a couple of responses this time around.

sfear 02-11-2018 10:17 AM

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Pretty much liked them all.

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diemath 03-15-2018 10:36 AM

Out of 17 responses I received, here are the results of the Arthur Machen survey:

1. The White People 104
2. The Great God Pan 82
3. The Novel of the White Powder 72
4. The Novel of the Black Seal 64
5. The Shining Pyramid 46
6. N 41
7. The Inmost Light 28
8. The Hill of Dreams 27
9. The Great Return 24
10. A Fragment of Life 19
11. The Green Round 18
12. The Terror 14
12. The Ceremony 14
13. The Red Hand 13
14. The Rose Garden 10
15. The Bowmen 8
16. Open the Door 7
17. Fragments of Paper 7
18. Midsummer Night's Dream 5
19. Out of the Earth 5
20. Children of the Pool 2
21. Holy Things 2
22. Spagyric Quest 1

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