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Crimson Jade 12-06-2017 02:54 PM

Movie Questions in General
Ask all your horror movie questions here--I have one..I was wondering which version of "IT" was better--The original or the remake?? I ask because I have been wanting to watch the remake and wonder if it was any good..I loved the original...::devil::

Anthropophagus 12-10-2017 06:34 AM

Havent seen the remake but to be honest i wasnt that keen on the original.It was ok,nothing more.

The Shroud 12-10-2017 12:44 PM

Definitely watch the remake! I'm not sure what to say on which is better, though. I thought the first one was great and terrifying the first, maybe, 3 times I watched it. Then I didn't see it for years and saw it again.... It seemed silly to me after years had passed. Weird, since it was one of the few movies that actually truly scared me. The new one it great! And I can't imagine it seeming silly to me later. Still can't really say one was better than the other.

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