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HorrorKyng 10-02-2017 02:36 AM

Event Horizon, a bad cast in my viewed
I was talking about the 1997 horror movie Event Horizon on another forum, and was slammed down for not having the same opinion as the mod who replied. Conceited man, you'd agree.

That he thought it was the best horror movie ever made and I thought the cast sucked. I couldn't comment on the rest of the film, as I only saw 30 minutes of it. But there comes a time when you're watching something and you need to exit, if you get my meaning.

Despite others giving a glowing view of it. On the other forum the mod, wouldn't allow any debate about this film, except it was a classic. End of.

But if you read the reviews on the IMDB, you'll see not everyone liked it. So that puts to bed his theory.

So, it would be nice to have an adult debate about what other people on here think about the cast. As the other topic I had one the other forum was locked.

Basically I said I'd been wanting to see Event Horizon for about 6 months now, after people online said 'go see it!!'

But the other night, I eventually got round to seeing it. Well I say see it, but I only got to 30 minutes and then I dumped the movie.

Basically it was the casting. The people in it. BADLY miscast actors who COULDN'T ACT. Another major flaw were the characters' personas. All this in an opinion of mine. Please respect it.

I think many people would agree to get up in space, to be a member of NASA, to be a scientist/astronaut, you have to be not just clever but very clever. The people in this movie not only act dumb but they are also dumb people. Take Sean Pertwee's character for instance. There he was in the opening scenes, sitting there talking like a garbage man, smoking a cigarette, and looking at a porn mag. I mean, WTF, what the hell was the director thinking of????? How is it possible this idiot is up in space in a journey of a lifetime?????????? That he beat hundreds of thousands of candidates to be up there in the spaceship.

If he wasn't bad, there is also the stereotypical black guy (their interpretation, not mine) with all the wisecracks, flirting with the women. Again, WTF. And if he wasn't bad enough with also have a retarded guy who looks about 15 years old, that the others laugh at.

I just couldn't get passed how awful this all was. Just terrible characters, and bad acting. Sean Pertwee is probably the worst acting in this.

Your thoughts please. I cannot debate the actual whole movie. I am just talking about the poor casting. In my view. And do you think other movies were spoiled by bad casting. Can you name them. Thanks. :) And peace. ::cool::

HorrorNutter 10-20-2017 08:54 AM

I like the movie and think the cast wasnt that bad so hard to really say.

Pandorum is real cool too.

Anthropophagus 10-22-2017 10:31 AM

Average movie made by a piss poor director.

Cleverbop 11-10-2017 10:12 AM

Watched it some years ago but I really liked it though the cast... well I don't remember them so I found them quite...plain. I guess. But I do remember that I loved the final twist, the guy who gouged his eyes and the weird suspense. I also though that I did not like the stereotype of the crazy black man, ugh.

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