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abbycomix 11-04-2003 06:21 PM

NYC Freaky Japanese Movie Double feature
A chance to see Tetsuo 2 and Tokyo Fist in NYC this Sunday! Japanese snacks included!

NEWYORK-TOKYO's Monthly Director Series debuts November 9th @ 5pm, and will continue every 2nd Sunday of the month in the cooperative atmosphere of the New York Film Academy. _ MDS is a sign of things to come. _Each month we will showcase a different Japanese directorial talent.

MDS kicks off the first month with director Shinya Tsukamoto, best known for his groundbreaking 1988 feature film debut, Tetsuo (The Iron Man) . November's screening will include two of his later works, Tetsuo II and Tokyo Fist.

So forget the popcorn, we've got Wasabi Green Peas!
For updated info, check out the film section of our website www.newyork-tokyo.com

Sunday _Nov. 9th 5:00 PM
Discussion with Brian Camp
5:00 pm (90 min) Tokyo Fist _____
7:10 pm (83 min) Tetsuo II ___

New York Film Academy
100 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003
P: 212.674.4300

$10/Regular____$7/Student (ID Required)
One ticket gets you 2 screenings + discussion + Japanese Snacks & Tea!

Brian Camp

Tetsuo II : Body Hammer
Shinya Tsukamoto is most famous for his two Tetsuo films; nightmarish tales of the junction of human body and technology, metal and flesh. This imaginary fusion with metal and human in metamorphoses provide a dangerous, disturbing, and convincing cyber world. It also mutually communicates with David Cronenberg's theme of the coupling of human being and machine. Two years after Testsuo, Tsukamoto brings the idea back on a larger scale and with more impressive effects. Tsukamoto offers an explanation, for what it's worth, but the power lies not in the story but terrifying conflict between man and metal. The vivid quality, and violent vision will impress not only the hardcore horror movie fan but also fans of cyber-punk future sci-fi.

Tokyo Fist
Tokyo Fist is remarkably similar to Tetsuo I & II in theme. In that ití&hibar;s only difference in the former, people are converted into grotesque metal monster, and the later expects the two main characters are using the human body as the door in their dark and grotesque soul. Metaphor, symbolism, and a twisting, highly colored visual style, will definitely fascinate and awaken you in this compelling story: it compares well with the violent and muscular David Fincher film Fight Club; It is interesting to see how Tokyo Fist influenced that film.


mictlan 11-04-2003 06:42 PM

Tokyo Fist is SOOOOOO good. It's not even really a horror film... it's kind of a cross between Raging Bull, Fight Club and The Story of Ricky. I've never seen any of Tsukamoto's films in a theater...

Tetsuo I was better than Tetsuo II, IMHO. It is more insane, feels edgier and cruder and more real somehow.

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