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DeadbeatAtDawn 12-31-2018 04:45 PM

Too EXTREME for mainstream
And... something for the extreme horror aficionados to get excited about. Our new TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM label has just been announced!

More info coming soon!!!



Stephen Biro~ TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM titles will only be available thru the Unearthed Films Website in limited quantities for orders. Each film will have a one-month window for pre-orders. Due to the EXTREME nature of this content, we cannot offer these films thru normal distribution outlets. Aspects of these films may be considered illegal in your state or country. Due to the ever present moral majority of the populace, TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM films can only be available thru us.

Unearthed Films is proud of our releases such as, ATROZ, THE VOMIT GORE TRILOGY, AFTERMATH, THE GUINEA PIG SERIES, THE AMERICAN GUINEA PIG SERIES, VISCERAL: BETWEEN THE ROPES OF MADNESS and many more like these. As many of you are aware, they have been distributed through all major outlets in North America. Because TORMENT and DEEP WEB XXX have scenes of unrepentant cruelty and are of a highly disgusting nature, we cannot release these thru Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or other online retailers without getting into legal trouble. This is due to the laws of different states in the United States, and countries around the world.

Unearthed Films refuses to cut certain titles for mainstream consumption. Since these are the 1st two titles we have ever come across to actually not be legal in all states and all countries, we have decided to offer these films as the beginning of our TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM brand. Please understand, we are used to releasing extreme content in the United States. We have never had a problem, even when other countries ban our films but this is a certain variety that in no way, shape or form, can these be available to the general populace.

As your #1 label for EXTREME horror, we understand your frustration in not being able to pick these films up at your leisure. As extreme horror aficionados we want to offer you everything possible. TORMENT and DEEP WEB XXX are in a different sub-genre all together and because of this, we are offering the titles this way.

DeadbeatAtDawn 12-31-2018 04:48 PM



TORMENT: Director Adam Ford, has used what made Marian Dora's Cannibal so filthy and decadent, and knocked it out of the park with his depiction of some of the worst male-sexualized violence committed to film. Mind you, this isn't a gorefest, but rather an (un)pleasant execution in unsettling horror.
-Severed Cinema

DeadbeatAtDawn 12-31-2018 04:52 PM



DEEP WEB XXX: Don't expect a story with a twist as you view the segments – they exist to chill and delve into dark fetishes only. The film is an instant underground classic with perfect ideas, direction, lighting, acting, and especially effects. Will this anthology violate you? Will it offend some? Yes to these questions.
-Severed Cinema

Elvis_Christ 01-15-2019 09:47 AM

I've been wanting to check out Torment. Glad there's still companies like Unearthed putting out the more extreme side of horror/cult.

ImmortalSlasher 01-15-2019 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by DeadbeatAtDawn (Post 1035958)

I'll look into this one. Poster seems interesting.

DeadbeatAtDawn 03-16-2019 04:57 AM


The 1st in the line of Too Extreme For Mainstream is coming down the pike. 1st film will be TORMENT from director Domiziano Cristopharo based off the John Wayne Gacy Murders in ultra disturbing detail. For you hard-core collectors out there... be prepared to jump on this one... will only be a 30 day presale window and will only be manufactured to orders, ordered. Once it is gone, it is gone. Expect this to hit in APRIL! Will also come in an amazing awesome collectors edition with something that has never been seen, done or imagined in the collectors market.

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